The Cave of Conquerors is a high reward, PvP map common to all servers. Often abbreviated to CC or CoC followed by the number of the level (i.e. CC1), it has 5 levels, each of increasing difficulty with the 5th level only being accessible after the conclusion of the BvW War and being on the winning side. A poison is present in CC, draining 15% of players HP each 3 seconds until death unless they take a Conqueror's Herb or a special Buff from the Hermit. Traps are also present throughout, stunning and decreasing a player's HP if you hang around them for too long. CC is home to both General Wei and True General Wei, two extremely sought after bosses. Also present are Conqueror's Chests, locked chests found throughout each of the levels. Mobs in CC rarely drop the keys to these chests, and the items that can be gained from these chests are often great or nothing. The value of items contained within the chests increases as you go deeper into CC.

1st LevelEdit

The level a player enters upon first coming into CC, it is home to mobs ranging from (RL1). This level contains CC1 chests. The bosses present in this level of CC are:
  1. Heavenly Claw, The White Lord (FD6)
  2. Blade of Black Shadow (RL11)

2nd LevelEdit

The second level of CC, it is home to mobs ranging from (SM1). It contains CC2 chests. The only boss present in CC2 is:

  1. Ghostly Claw of Blood Shadows (SM6)

3rd LevelEdit

The center level of CC, the mobs here range from (add level range). Contained within this level are CC3 chests. The bosses present in this level of CC are:
  1. Steel Blade, The Dark Lord (level)
  2. Vicious Fist, The Blood Lord (GB10)

4th LevelEdit

The last level of the cave that is always acessible to players, the mobs here range from (add levels). The bosses present in this level of CC are:
  1. Dark Sword, The Shadow Lord (EC7)
  2. General Wei (FC8)

Special Access Only 5th LevelEdit

This level of CC is only accessible after the conclusion of the BvW War and by being on the winning side or on some special events. The highest level players rush to this level in order to get a chance at killing the most sought after (and strongest) boss in the game True General Wei. Abbreviated to TGW, this boss provides a killer epithet which is highly prized and shows off the highest level of achievement (with respect to epithets) currently available in the game. The drops from TGW are also extremely valuable, from high numbers of Blood Essence (upwards of 90), 300 damage wristbands and special weapons (critical and Wan Daye).

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