There are 5 roles a player can assume in 9Dragons:


The warrior uses the clan's main weapon, and specializes in melee combat. Some of the advantages of being a warrior are the ability to inflict massive melee damage and the ability to withstand melee damage. Two of their main weaknesses however, are the inability to withstand Chi Kung damage, and the inability to heal. The warrior's penalty stat is Essence, taking 2 chi points to gain one Essence point.

Role names by clanEdit

Wu Tang: Blue Dragon - Swords


Shaolin: Luohan Monk - Pole arms


The League of Beggars: Vanguard Beggar - Staffs


Heavenly Demon: Blood Demon - Sabers


Sacred Flower: Mistress of War - Wheels


The Brotherhood of Thieves: Warrior Bandit - Spears


Black Dragon Clan: ? (rumored to use scythes)


Disciples of Iron Fist: ?(rumored to use special type of gloves)


The Union of Noble Families: ? (rumored to use fans)


Strategist (Healer)

The strategist, more commonly know as the healer, uses the clan's secondary weapon and specializes in support. The healer has buffs that can boost all stats by a maximum of +31 at cheng 12(+36 for str/dex with 2nd role mastery) ro as well as heal wounds and HP and VE. They are often considered the best role for PvE use, as they can heal themselves and sustain heavy damage. They are also found to be the weakest role for PvP use. The strategist's penalty stat is Constitution, taking 2 Chi Points to gain one Constitution.

Role names by clanEdit

* Wu Tang: Red Phoenix - Gloves


Shaolin: Diamond Monk - Gloves


The League of Beggars: Strategy Beggar - Gloves


Heavenly Demon: Phantom Demon - Gloves


Sacred Flower: Mistress of Heaven - Dagger


The Brotherhood of Thieves: Strategist Bandit - Axe


Black Dragon Clan: Black Soul - Sniper (Not Confirmed)


Disciples of Iron Fist: Humans - Fist (Not Confirmed)


The Union of Noble Families: Family guy - Dread Locks (Not Confirmed)


Chi Kung Artist (Nuker)

The Chi Kung Artists, often called nukers, use bracers regardless of clan and specialize in Chi Kung attacks, similar to magic attacks from other games. They tend to be rather fragile due to having low defense, but they have shields that can absorb damage. They are considered to be the best class for PvP because they can inflict massive damage from a distance. The artist's penalty stat is Strength, taking 2 chi points to gain one strength point.

Role names by clanEdit

Wu Tang: Black Tortoise

Shaolin: Exorcist Monk

The League of Beggars: Dragon Beggar

Heavenly Demon: Storm Demon

Sacred Flower: Mistress of Spirit

The Brotherhood of Thieves: Armored Bandit

Black Dragon Clan: ?

Disciples of Iron Fist: ?

The Union of Noble Families: ?


Holist (Hybrid)

The Hybrid uses the clan's secondary weapon, and does not specialize at any one aspect. They are well rounded, and can be adapted for melee and Chi Kung warfare, and they have the ability to buff and heal. They are very well suited for PvE due to their heal skills, but can also be quite deadly in PvP due to the "paranuke", a skill that may paralyze their opponent and inflict bleed status. The hybrid's penalty stat is Wisdom, taking 2 chi points to gain one wisdom point.

Role names by clanEdit

Wu Tang: White Tiger - Gloves

Shaolin: Deva Monk - Gloves

The League of Beggars: Spirit Beggar - Gloves

Heavenly Demon: Fire Demon - Gloves

Sacred Flower: Mistress of Cloud - Daggers

The Brotherhood of Thieves: Taishan Bandit - Axes

Black Dragon Clan: ?

Disciples of Iron Fist: ?

The Union of Noble Families: ?




Although the vagabond is clan-less, it is often considered to be the fifth class in 9Dragons. A vagabond is someone who does not join a clan, and as a result, does not learn any advanced techniques. Due to them being clan-less, Vagabonds can travel to both Black and White clan maps without being killed by guards, therefore they are also able to learn every weapon's basic skill. Vagabonds usually carry a Sword or a Saber, because Wu-Tang and Heavenly Demon teach you basic skills for each one (respectively) without the need to join the clan. A vagabond has no penalty stat and is also considered a weak Warrior, due to them not being able to heal or cast nukes (long-ranged attacks).

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