Sachets are accessories that can be placed in pockets and give a character a bonus for wearing them. They can be obtained at the Hefei General Store, as quest rewards or by opening Conqueror's Chests. Sachets are best suited for low level players and are relatively inexpensive.

Hefei General StoreEdit

The following sachets are available at the Hefei General Store

  • Cloud Embroidered Sachet (Life +40, Dodge +30)
  • Deer Embroidered Sachet (Life recovery rate +9, Movement speed +2%)
  • Herb Embroidered Sachet (Defense + 12, Life recovery rate +20)
  • Crane Embroidered Sachet (Weapon damage +3, Vital Energy recovery rate +15)
  • Tortoise Embroidered Sachet (VE +35, Defense +10)


The following sachets are available following the completion of the required quest:

  • Silver Sachet (Life +8)
  • Bai Xiulian's Silver Sachet (Strength +1, Wisdom +1)
  • Losing Self Black Wooden Sachet (Life +25, VE +25)
  • Celestial Black Wooden Sachet (Life +50, VE +50)

Conqueror's ChestsEdit

The two following sachets are drops from chests in Conqueror's Cave.

  • Celestial Coral Sachet (VE +40)
  • Celestial Pearl Sachet (Life +40, VE +40)

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