The Peng You Lightfoot was a Vagabond skill which was probably implemented on patch 98, 99 or 100. It stayed in-game until it was changed on patch 125 to an non-functional skill.

The publisher at that time, GamersFirst, promissed the players to let the developer Indy21 implement it back in-game. Nevertheless this non-functional skill was then later replaced with the Vagabond skill Poison Resistance in the Cave of the Conqueror, and with the implementation of the Bamboo Village beginner map, Indy21 implemented the slow, basic lightfoot Cruising Along as well, and called it the re-implementation of the Advanced Vagabond Lightfoot, Peng You Lightfoot.

It is questionable if the publisher GamersFirst did not have the interest to keep bothering the developer Indy21 to re-implement the real Advanced Vagabond Lightfoot, or if the developer Indy21 simply refused to do so and/or ignored GamersFirst's request for this skill.

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