General InfoEdit

Type: Roads to Enlightenment

Quest Giver: Follower of Heavenly Demon Jin Binglao, Mount Yanmo

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This is a timed quest. After completing Part 1, you have 3 minutes to complete Part 3. Otherwise, the quest is failed.


  • 9 Experience


Mount Yanmo


Part 1Edit

Talk to Jin Binglao. She will ask you to break 3 gravestones in 3 minutes

Part 2Edit

Destroy 3 Old Gravestones. In order to do this at the level at which you receive the quest, damage three gravestones to less than 10% health before you take the quest. They will still be in the same state when you return.

Part 3Edit

Return to Jin Binglao and talk to her before the 3 minutes are over.

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