These are collections quests you may complete that reward you with elixirs. When a collection is completed, speak to Wan Daye in Hefei to receive your reward. Also note that some of the items are common to the Death Valley and Valley of Hell collections, and may be collected before reaching the Valley of Hell mobs.

Conquering Death ValleyEdit

Reward: Two level 3 elixirs

  • Blue Cotton Cloth - Broken Blind Madman
  • Dian Cang's Book - Monstrous Blind Madman
  • Wooden Flute - Twin Brute
  • Gunpowder - Blue/poison Arrow Archer
  • Iron Plate - Iron Giant
  • Buddhist Beads - Blood Monk
  • Liquid Pouch - Black Confucianist
  • Silver Nugget - Drunken Swordsman
  • Golden Cotton Cloth - Iron Flower
  • White Iron Fragment - Frozen Iron Flower
  • Small Case - Twin Brute
  • Silk - Broken Blind Madman
  • Big Brass Plate - Superior Giant
  • Bronze Plate - Frozen Iron Flower

Conquering the Valley of HellEdit

Reward: Two level 4 elixirs

  • Cracked Iron-Cored Wood - Deadly/Monstrous Crippled Demon
  • Blue Cotton Cloth - Red/blue toad demon
  • Scrap Iron - Axehead Demon
  • Small Scrap Iron - Stone-skinned Demon
  • Blue Dragon Dagger - Four-Armed Demon
  • Gold Rope - Bloodclaw
  • Ring of Death Valley - Blind (weapon) Demon Scout
  • Liquor Jug - Blind (weapon) Demon Warrior
  • Golden Belt - Blind (weapon) Demon Trooper
  • Wooden Flute - Blind (weapon) Demon
  • Silk - Blind (weapon) Demon Warrior, Blind (weapon) Demon Scout
  • Silk Pouch - Blind (weapon) Demon Trooper
  • Bronze Plate - Axehead Demon
  • Thin Iron Plate - Stone-skinned Demon

Conquering the Beast ClanEdit

Reward: Two level 5 elixirs

  • Fore Tooth - Blood Red Wolf
  • Thick Oil Pouch - Hawkeye
  • Tough Dog Tooth - Wolf Rider
  • Sorcerer's Cane - Voodoo Doctor
  • Giant Feather - Sorcerer
  • Leopard Paw - Black Leopard
  • Flute of the Beast Clan - Leopard Rider
  • Fiber Rope - Scrapper
  • Iron Mace - Iron-hammer Wielder
  • Spearhead - Bear Rider
  • Blunt Axe - Blunt Axeman
  • Big Tiger Bone - Big Tiger
  • Ivory - Tiger Rider
  • Skeleton Talisman of the Beast Clan - Sorceress

Conquering Golden Coin Edit

Reward: Two level 5 elixirs

  • Plate of Bronze Coin - Bronze coin bowman, Bronze coin convoy archer
  • Plate of Iron Coin - Iron coin guard warrior, bronze coin gladiator guardsman
  • Plate of Silver Coin - Silver Coin Convoy/Superior Witch Doctor, Silver Coin Convoy/Superior Acupuncturist
  • Iron Nugget - Any mobs with "Iron Coin" in their name
  • Bronze Arm Shield - Bronze coin bowman, Bronze coin convoy archer
  • Broken Bow - Bronze Coin Head/Superior/Master Bowman, Bronze Coin Head/Superior/Master Archer
  • Broken Arrow - (rare drop) Bronze Coin Head/Master Bowman
  • Platinum Nugget - Gold Coin Convoy Spearwoman, Gold Coin Convoy Lancer
  • Iron Armor Fragment - Any mobs with "Iron Coin" in their name
  • Copper Nugget - Bronze Coin bowman
  • Medicine Jar - Silver Coin Convoy Witch Doctor/Silver Coin Superior Witch Doctor
  • Needle - Silver Coin Convoy Acupuncturist/Silver Coin Superior Acupuncturist
  • Coated Iron Piece - Iron Coin Guard Warrior or any other mob that looks like it (Iron Coin Master Warrior, Leader of 2nd Faction, etc.)
  • Crest Shield - Iron Coin Guard Warrior or any other mob that looks like it (Iron Coin Master Warrior, Leader of 2nd Faction, etc.)
  • Wood Branch - (rare drop) Big-toothed Blood Red Wolf

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