Chi Kung Defense (CK Defense) is your character's ability to withstand Chi Kung damage (as opposed to physical damage). The higher a character's defense is, the less damage that character will take when they are hit.

Increasing Chi Kung DefenseEdit

Chi Kung Defense can be increased in 3 ways:

  1. By leveling up - Every time you gain a level, you gain 1 CK defense
  2. By increasing your Essence (by using relics, buffs, or by using Chi Points) - Each Essence point gives you 2 CK defense
  3. By wearing certain Epithets that increase your CK defense

Chi Kung Defense ThresholdsEdit

There are some defense values that are of some significance.

  • Every 100 point interval has a moderate impact on damage taken
  • 1000 Chi Kung Defense is considered the "cap", at which point damage is minimized, and additional defense does not have a noticeable impact.

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