This category contains all Dungeons in 9Dragons.

In order of difficult,we have:

Choice of fate(CoF)-there are 2,one on Zhengzhou,the other one in Shi Zhang

Judgement of hell(VoH)-there are 2,one on Jinan,the other one in Datong

Mansion of Silver Coins(ScM)

Wild tower(WT)

Mansion of Golden Coins(GcM)

Beast Tower(BT)

  • The School of Rising Sun(SrS)
    • North Sea Icy Palace dungeon(IPD)
    • King Jin Dungeon(KJ)

Black Monks Dungeon(BM)

      • Golden Castle(GC)
      • SrS and KJ are the same difficult of the Bosses ,but in SrS you have too low time.There if you are not minimum level I8(212)you cant finish it solo.A team is required for it.
    • On GamesCampus or Play9D(private server X20,tap it on google and you will see)this dungeon does NOT EXIST.
      • Map Loulan where is that dungeon exists ONLY on GamesCampus or Play9D and probably on the future servers.

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