In this category you'll find all the Clothes in 9Dragons.

There are clothes from CC3 blackmarket too.The well-known def sets(not Wan Daye).There are:

  • 100 def set(50 phsyhical/chi kung defense 4slotted jacket+50 phsyhical/chi kung defense 4slotted pants)
  • 200 def set(100 phsyhical/chi kung defense 4slotted jacket + 100phsyhical/chi kung defense 4slotted pants)
  • 400 def set(200 phsyhical/chi kung defense 4slotted jacket + 200'phsyhical/chi kung defense 4slotted pants) '
  • 600 def set WD

From CC3 blackamrket you can obtain too 50?/100/150/200/300/400phsyhical/chi kung damage writs and block rating boots.

I advise you to not bet money because you can lose amount of gold.It's recommended to buy these clothes from STANDS in Hefei.

I must search more and maybe i will post news soon.Hope it is usefull.


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