Attributes are defined as the characteristics that each character has.
Each player follows either a unique or general set of attributes, often called a "build". There are generally three builds a player can use, depending on their role. They can either use a PvE build, which can grind well, but is bad at combat, a PvP build which is good at combat, but cannot grind well, or a combination of the two, which is moderate at both aspects of the game.

Increasing & Decreasing AttributesEdit

Permanent IncreasesEdit

There are a few ways in which a character's attributes can be increased permanently. Here, permanent means that they do not revert to normal after a given amount of time.

  • Allocating your Chi Points (Note: This increases your base attributes, the attributes needed to equip weapons)
  • Successfully consuming an Elixir (Note: This increase can be negated when a elixir consumption fails)
  • Equipping a weapon that increases your attributes.
  • Equipping a relic that increases your attributes.

Temporary IncreasesEdit

There are a small number of ways in which a character's attributes can be increased for a limited time.

Decreasing AttributesEdit

Attributes can be decreased in the same ways in which they can be increased.

Attribute SummaryEdit


Strength is the primary attribute of all characters with a melee build. Strength is the primary requirement for most weapons, excluding Bracers, which use Wisdom as the primary requirement.
Strength is the penalty attribute for Nukers.
Strength increases physical Damage and Defense, but the increase given is depended on the role.


Essence is not the primary attribute for any builds. It is the secondary requirement for Bracers.
Essence is the penalty attribute for Warriors.
Essence increases Chi Kung Damage, Maximum VE, and Defense.


Wisdom is the primary attribute for anyone using a Chi Kung build. It is the primary requirement for Bracers.
Wisdom is the penalty attribute for Hybrids.
Wisdom increases Chi Kung Attack Rating and Dodge.


Constitution is not the primary attribute for any builds, and it is not a requirement for any weapons.
Constitution is the penalty attribute for Healers.
Constitution increases the Maximum HP that a character has.


Dexterity is the secondary attribute for characters using a melee build, and it is the secondary requirement for most weapons.
Dexterity is not the penalty attribute for any role.
Dexterity increases Attack Rating and Dodge

Penalty AttributeEdit

The Penalty Attribute an attribute that each role has where they are "penalized" for increasing.
These attributes cost 2 Chi Points to increase by 1, as opposed to the 1 Chi Point needed for other attributes.
Vagabonds do not have a penalty attribute.

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