An abbreviation is a shortened word or phrase.It is often used in the game.Some of the newer players do not know most of the game's abbreviations.The list below contains most of the abbreviations.

BE-Blood Essence

LS-Losing Self

GC-Gathering Chi

OC-Opening Chi

RC-Revolving Chakra

RL-Raising Light

FD-Five Dragons

SM-Sun and Moon

GB-Golden Blossoms

EC-Elemental Crown

FC-Floral Crown

CS-Crimson Snake

GL-Golden Lotus

HM-Humble Master

LM-Little Master

HB-Hero Band

HL-Hero League

pvp-player vs player

pve-player vs enviroment


HD-Heavenly Demon

BoT-Brotherhood of the Thieves

SF-Sacred Flower

WT-Wu Tang

LoB-League of Beggars



VE-Vital Energy


PK-player kill

GK-good karma

BK-bad karma

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